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Testimonials From Customers
Testimonial # 1
  I must take this opportunity to tell you that Super Technologies have a very dedicated and professional customer support team Lead by Muneeb and we lucky enough to have Dan and Ahsan in this journey.

Best Regards:

DIDX Does Not Hide from Customer Service Says David Frankel

Testimonial # 2
  Discussion shared by Hunter Newby of telx and Suzanne Bowen of Super Technologies Inc. and DIDX regarding the the benefits of peering in a video interview.

Testimonial # 3

Lea Ann McLaughlin at O'Sullivan Creel, LLP states, We enjoy doing business with Super Technologies, Inc. these past several years.

Testimonial # 4

Dear Suzanne,
We want to express our sincere thanks to you for partnering with us on this year's Inc. 5000 project. Thanks to your support and our efforts together, it has been a smashing success and we've had unprecedented participation! We deeply appreciate and value your partnership - You have helped us reach a wide variety of privately-owned businesses among your members that make the Inc. 5000 list unique and valuable. We hope that the list continues to be as valuable to your members as they have been to the Inc 5000 this year and to the rest of the private enterprise community.

Again, thank you for partnering with Inc. to promote the Inc. 5,000. We look forward to partnering with you in future years!

Chuck Winkler
Inc. Magazine
7 World Trade Center New York, NY 10007-2195

Testimonial # 5

The account is 100% now, thanks. Your team was really helpful in getting it back up.

Testimonial # 6
Testimonial # 7
  Bay Area Convention & Visitors Bureau enjoy service with a German phoneline. Pensacola Symphony enjoy services. Dvorak Linguistics International enjoys partnering with Virtual Phone Line with DLI's web translation services for a total business globalization package.

Websites #
Testimonial # 8
  In a few words, the user can browse, order, pay, assign and activate DIDs without typing a key. Your APIs are great. You can see it working with the test account: ... Thanks again for everything...

Max Glucksmann, ComtelNetworks

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Testimonial # 9
  I just finished The World is Flat. While we were sleeping, the world changed. And your technology is in the forefront of it!

Jon Felperin, El Salvador and USA business

DIDX, Virtualphoneline and IP-PABX
Testimonial # 10

I like the setup of how easy DIDX is to get working and the versatility, flexibility, and pricing.
Basil Stepanov, Smart Choice Communications



Testimonial # 11

Dear Suzanne,
NXTCOMM is very excited to be working with you for NXTCOMM 2007... Thank you for reaching an agreement with NXTcomm to be a media sponsor for NXTcomm for the 2007 show in Chicago, Illinois. We look forward to seeing you at McCormick Place in June.


Christine Hodges & Jackie Williams
NXTcomm Marketing Team



Testimonial # 12

Kevin an IAX2 enthusiast: I just wanted to let you know I had the opportunity to check out one of your other sites, Virtual Phone Line, and it seems like it's easier to use than most of the other consumer-end DID providers.

I spoke to Dan just a few minutes ago on the phone. He was extremely helpful. I'm also looking into transferring a few numbers away from another provider (who obtained them from DIDx) to Virtual Phone Line --- I prefer to have everything in one place..

He was extremely helpful. Thanks!





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