Hardware Partners:

The following Companies have done interop with us super-phone.com and they claim that they work well, they have not however joined yet the ubob.org consortium

Here at Myvoipprovider.com, we let you compare Voip providers and find the best broadband phone company providers available near you with the Voip services and features you want.

TheDigest is recognized by consumers, businesses, and industry insiders as the authority site for buying VOIP, Long Distance and other communications products and services. We are the place where buyers and sellers come together to share ideas as well as buy and sell everything related to communications. Whether you are a consumer buying for your home or a CTO/CIO researching or buying the latest technology using IP, VOIP, T1, DSL & broadband, or just plain old telephone service you have come to the right place.

VoipSwitch – complete IP telephony platform integrating all the elements, that are required for successful implementation of various VoIP services, into one comprehensive solution. DIDx.net has been integrated with Voipswitch software for a few years, but recently both companies completed their work on enhancing the compatibility by adding new features supported in the new DIDx API. Visit http://www.voipswitch.org/.

They Provide:

ip Phones, Ip pabx

Contact Info:

No. 25, Chu-Kung third Lane, Chu-Hou Tsung Jen-Wu Hsaing , Kaohsiung Hsein, Taiwan

Tel: 886-7-3740801 (REP) 866-7-3742024(Overseas) FA: 886-7-3745924

Grandstream Networks is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, affordable, and high quality IP voice and video products for the worldwide broadband telephony market. Our products are fully compatible with the SIP industry standard, field proven with large and rapidly growing deployed base, and have broad interoperability with the majority of 3rd party SIP products on the market today.

Address: Unit 4A, Building 7, Tian An Industrial Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518054, China
Tel: +86 (755) 2664 7230
Fax: + 86 (755) 26505858
MOBILE: +86 137 1466 5356
EMAIL: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
SKYPE: lily.qiang

  • Sangoma

Founded in 1984, Sangoma’s flexibility and commitment to provide outstanding service and support has enabled it to build strong and long-lasting relationships with major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Value Added Resellers, system integrators, telecommunications companies and software developers worldwide. Today, Sangoma sells its solutions through a network of “Empowered by Sangoma” channel partners in more than 130 countries.

  • Sangoma

The snom 820 is a new step in combining high class telephony with an extraordinary design. The snom 820 is the beginning of a superior line of business VoIP phones. It´s extraordinary elegance and performance combines both: latest technology and well known snom features. The snom 820 is an amazing experience for everybody who is used to the basic world of telephony. That is the reason why the call the new snom VoIP phone series: The 8 experience. Check out the press release of interop complete among pbxnsip, DIDX, and snom at http://www.tmcnet.com/channels/did-ddi/articles/54290-didx-snom-pbxnsip-team-provide-interoperability-services.htm

IVR Partners:

  • Allison Smith
    Alison Smith
    If you’ve listened to the public airwaves, used an automated phone system, participated in a phone survey, or even used a talking thermostat, you’re familiar with Allison Smith. One of the most prevalent telephone voices in the world today, Allison has voiced platforms for Vonage, Bell Canada, Cingular and Qwest – as well as being proud to be the voice of Asterisk. Clients include Marriot Hotels, Pfizer, Toyota, Victoria’s Secret, Bank of America and EBay among many others.

Other Partners:

  • IPsmarx Technology Inc.

Based in Canada, PortaOne is a leading global vendor of carrier grade software for modern telecommunication service providers. The company enables service providers and carriers to run a broad line of telecommunication services with a single software package, and offers a complete product consisting of fully converged VoIP billing and provisioning platform, class 4 and 5 SIP softswitch to support hosted IPPBX or IPCentrex services, unified messaging, IVR, conferencing applications, callbacks and more. The company’s products are a fundamental part of the business infrastructure at over 330 service provider locations worldwide. To learn more, visit http://www.portaone.com/.

  • IPsmarx Technology Inc.

IPsmarx Technology Inc. is a leading Voice over IP (VoIP) solution provider and system integrator dedicated to delivering customer management and billing solutions for entrepreneurs, carriers, VoIP Calling Card Operators and ISPs. IPsmarx offers the ability to add the DIDX API for local international phone numbers integration to its modular, scalable and flexible solutions.

  • Brekeke

Company Profile
Brekeke Software, Inc., develops high-quality, innovative SIP communication software products for telephony carriers and service providers. Brekeke’s comprehensive SIP-based family of products enables organizations to seamlessly migrate or integrate IP communication systems into their communications infrastructure. Founded in 2002, Brekeke is headquartered in San Mateo, California. For more information, please visit www.brekeke.com.

Product Descriptions
[Brekeke PBX]
An award-winning product, Brekeke PBX is a SIP-based IP-PBX system for call centers, enterprises and service providers. Brekeke PBX solutions are cost-effective and provide flexibility to meet each telephony system’s requirements. Brekeke PBX comes in two editions: Basic Edition with traditional telephony features and Pro Edition which includes a full set of Call Center features. Brekeke PBX provides trouble-free telephone systems for any organization. Supports both Windows and Linux platforms.

[Brekeke SIP Server]
Brekeke SIP Server provides SIP-based communication platform for service providers and enterprises. The product has original NAT traversal functionality as well as flexible control routing functions. Brekeke SIP Server enables high-quality and reliable IP communications with minimal initial investment. Supported operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris 10, @and @Mac OS X.

[Brekeke JTAPI SDK]
For Java developers, a software development kit for creating SIP-based telephony applications using JTAPI. The example of applications which may be developed include IVR Systems, Conference Server, Callback Systems, or used for converting existing applications into SIP-enabled products and/or applications.

[Brekeke PAL]
Brekeke PBX Active Library (PAL) is a Windows Control Library that allows the creation of companion .NET applications for the Brekeke PBX. Some possible applications that may be developed with the Brekeke PAL include Operator Consoles, Speed Dial Panels, Phone Call Recorders, and Line Status Panels.

  • The Sip School


The SIP School is the home of the webs ‘premier’ SIP training service and the SSCA™ certification program.
· It’s a full training system on SIP (the Session Initiation Protocol)that’s flash based with animations / learning games / labs / quizzes etc. that makes it a great environment for students to learn
· The training content evolves as the development of SIP evolves
· The training goes from the basics of SIP messaging and SIP Servers, right through Security, Firewalls, NAT, Troubleshooting, Trunking, Enum and onto SIP in Unified Communications.
· Students registered with The SIP School will benefit from ongoing updates and additions to the service for example, Q1 2010 will see the introduction of modules such as SIP in the IMS along with SIP and Mobile Technologies for no extra charge. For all course information, demos, free training and pricing details, please visit The SIP School.

  • VOIP Today


VOIP Today Magazine is your ultimate resource to Keep you up to date on the latest news and views about VoIP, Asterisk PBX, IP PBXes, converged networks, Hosted PBXes, and other business telephony solutions. VOIP Today Magazine (www.voiptoday.org)

  • VOIP Today


TelecomYou! Mission TelecomYou is the Professional Network for the Telecom Industry. Our Mission is to enable telecom professionals to build their reputation in the industry, connect with other professionals around the world, and discuss new opportunities. (www.telecomyou.com)

  • VOIP Today


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