IP Centrex / Hosted PBX Solution


IP Centrex / Hosted PBX Solution

IP Centrex is the most popular requirement for the small businesses today. IP Centrex is the ultimate solution for the small business, as this may be the last PBX they will ever buy.

The users can be in one office or scattered all around the globe, with just their pc or their IP Phone.

We provide turnkey plug and play system for you to plug in to your existing TDM network and start offering instantly VOIP Based Hosted PBX / Centrex services to customers anywhere in the globe.

Who is it for ?

Any existing or new CLEC or company who wishes to offer Hosted PBX / Centrex Server Type phone services.

What do we provide?
We provide
* Soft switch ready for 899 users with up to 1000 extensions per user, totally 899,000 users.
* Billing
* Provisioning
* CRM Software to run and manage the entire hosted PBX service.

Do you have any deployed service for demo ?

Yes We have. You can view it and login and try it out www.IP-pabx.com

The Product delivered to you will be Completely white label with your own branding.

System Features:

– Setup your own tariffs for your customers.
– Setup different tariffs.
– Set default tariff for new customers that sign up
– Full credit reporting available on every account.
– Easy integration with online billing platforms such as Paypal and world pay or your credit card merchant account
– Simple overview of all customers’ accounts.
– Fast refilling of your account which is automatically processed by our system.
– Completely white label with your own branding

There is 3 level system management.

1. Service Provider.
2. Client Administration Area.
3. End user management area.

1. Service Provider Login.
2. Client Administration Area.
3. End user management area.

Service Provider Control Panel

Each of our solutions are totally web based and come with customized web interfaces which are used for managing your service.

You can manage:

  • Add Admin Users.
  • View Sales and Other reports.
  • Change Rate plans.
  • Add Internal Tickets.
  • Send Emails to users.
  • Charge the customer.
  • Change Account status.
  • * Suspend user accounts.
  • * Delete any account.
    * Re-activate account.
  • Reporting:
    * Sales Reports.
    * Payments Due Reports.
    * Audit Reports.
    * Pending Order Reports.
  • much much more…

Client Control Panel

Client gets complete manageability for his account online. Some of the things that the client can do are.

  • Manage account.
  • Add Phone Lines.
  • Add End Users/ Extensions.
  • View Call Logs.
  • Pay Bills.
  • Change Billing Info installation to desktop and background for easy access.
  • Change Customers Information.
  • Remotely provision his IP phones.
  • Change IP Phone settings.
  • Add funds on any particular extensions.
  • Listen to call recordings for any user.
  • Set features of each extension.
  • Record IVR Files.
  • Manage IVR Settings.
  • and much much more… Try it on IP-PABX.com .

End User Control Panel

End User/ Extension user Also gets complete manageability for his account online. Some of the things that the client can do are.

  • Manage account.
  • View Call Logs.
  • Listen to Voice Mail.
  • Listen to recorded calls.
  • Change email address and voice mail pins.

If you are looking for a way to increase revenue from your customers by providing IP Centrex solution, this is the ideal solution.


Product Solutions

IP Centrex
Soft Phone / BYOD Service
Call Forwarding Service
Fax 2 Email Offering Service

Download Brochure Here

IP Centrex
Broadband Phone Service

Supported Services
DIDXDid Number Exchange.

carrierx.us Wholesale Termination Exchange

Example Services

Nettalkvoiceline.com– Call Forwarding Service

Super-phone.com – Sip Based Phone Service

Super Phone Unlimited – Broadband Phone Service